Softball Tournament

2018 Trempealeau Catfish Days

Softball Tournament Rules

  1. $150 entry fee (Includes 10 Catfish Days Buttons)
  2. All participants must have Catfish Days button
  3. 20-man roster limit, must have minimum of 9 players
  4. Players must be at least 18 years old
  5. DH allowed for one fielder. Otherwise any player may be substituted or replaced and re-entered once providing players occupy the same batting positions whenever in the lineup. Players may not re-enter a second time.
  6. Can bat up to 12 batters, but only 11 if using a DH (including the DH)
  7. 2 Home Run limit (out of the park), excess home runs are considered an out
  8. Softballs and Bats will be provided
  9. 12 run rule after 5 innings
  10. 50-minute time limit (7 innings)
  11. Unlimited Arc (min 6’)
  12. One pitch only, plate and mat is a strike. Foul ball is an out
  13. Force out at home after crossing line
  14. Plate is for catcher / mat is for runner – NO sliding at home plate
  15. Must slide on close plays on bases, No base stealing
  16. Players can only play on one team
  17. Courtesy runner allowed (last out)
  18. Profanity rule will be enforced
  19. Umpires rule is final – no protest
  20. Home team determined by flip of a coin
  21. No metal spikes
  22. NO refund-payment of entrance fee confirms understanding of rules
  23. 1st Eight teams paid reserves place in tournament
  24. You will be notified by phone on the time you play by Friday July 13, 2018
  25. Tournament Director reserves the right to change format if needed. If rain delays interrupts play, we will make every effort to play tourney in its entirety.
  26. The Tournament Director, Trempealeau Lions, Trempealeau Youth Sports Club or the Village of Trempealeau will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries in conjunction with this tournament.